What Causes Snoring and its Treatments

 What Causes Snoring and its Treatments

Anyone can experience snoring. Even pets and babies snore which resulted to an idea that has become a common problem among people. However, there are cases that snoring becomes a more serious problem and relates to other health issues. It can be a great disturbance, too. You may not even aware of the fact that snoring has also negative effects to those sufferers not just to mention their partner when sleeping. Aside from the fact that it decreases the duration and quality of your sleep, it may also lead to a daytime fatigue. To know more, you should first know what causes snoring.

Identifying WHY you Snore

The best way so you can figure out what causes snoring is to find the right cure and identifying its causes. Here are some of the lists of the common causes of snoring. First is your age. As you reach middle age or beyond that, your throat becomes narrower and in addition to that, the tone of your muscles in the throat will also decrease. The physical attributes like enlarged adenoids and narrow air passages will also contribute to snoring that is the reason why others claim that this case is usually hereditary. Being overweight can also cause the narrowing of your air passages which may lead to snoring.


Sleep posture is another thing. You will snore more if you sleep on a flat back. The reason is because it causes your muscle to eventually block the airway. Alcohol and smoking too are the other causes of snoring. It will weaken your respiratory muscles and will also weaken it that leads for snoring. Now after learning what causes snoring , you may also want to know the ways to stop it. At some point, you should be aware that treatments also are available. Other people have to undergo surgery for the seriousness of their condition but there are home remedies as an alternative. They are easy, cheap and there are no side effects. Some methods that you can try at home include changing your sleeping position. You can improve your breathing if you will change your sleeping position. It is a good idea that you sleep on your side and try not using a pillow when you do this. If you want to elevate your head and sleep on a flat position, it is a good idea to sleep with two pillows causing to ease your breathing.


Other factor as to causes snoring is to lose weight. As you know, the excessive weight will put pressure to your respiratory muscles and this will also disrupt your breathing. It is not only good that you lose weight for snoring issues but at the same time it keeps you stay in healthy shape. You can take herbal remedies like consuming herbal cures to improve your condition. Some people choose peppermint leaf powder and also passion flower. If you maintain an exercise program to permanently get rid of your snoring, then the better. So, knowing the causes of snoring will help you get a good night sleep.

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