The Essential Functions of the Body during Sleep

 The Essential Functions of the Body during Sleep

The Amazing Things Your Body Does While You Are Sleeping

A good night’s rest is stressed upon by all healthcare and mental care professionals. That is because your body needs good quality sleep for being able to do all the wonderful things that it does to make sure you are feeling and functioning at your best. Many people don’t realize that when they deprive their body of sleep, they aren’t just going to feel tired the next day; they are also going to stop their bodies from carrying out essential processes that only happen when they are asleep. Your body functions like a computer; all the necessary updates happen when the computer is restarted. Think of sleep like your restart button, and the updates as the processes in your body that need to happen for it to function at its best.

Here are some of the amazing things your body does while you snooze. Of course, for these functions to take place, you need to get proper, good quality sleep. Otherwise, it’s just as bad as getting no sleep at all.

Helps Build Your Immune System

Sure, you have probably heard of antibodies, but have you heard of cytokines? Like antibodies, cytokines are proteins in the body that are responsible for fighting off infection and inflammation in the body. Without sleep, you are much more likely to get sick with the lack of immunity cells.

Responsible for Muscle Regeneration and Cellular Restoration

Your body needs sleep in order to restore itself. Many healthcare and even fitness professionals will tell you that sleep is just as important as an active lifestyle to rebuild what you use throughout the day. Your body synthesizes proteins and repairs muscles while you sleep. Tissue growth and cell generation also happen while you are asleep.

Helps Your Brain Declutter

Sleep is absolutely essential for proper brain function. Without sleep, you can have lowered cognitive responses, memory loss, less creativity, impaired problem-solving skills, lack of focus, and many other problems. One of the main things that happen in your brain while you are asleep is that the neurons reorganize, and your brain dumps any toxic byproducts built up during the day. When you wake up, your brain is fresh and ready to take on a new day.

Keeps Your Appetite in Check

Your body produces two hormones; one to suppress your hunger (leptin) and one to increase your appetite (ghrelin). When you sleep, your body regulates the release of these hormones; this means your body requires less energy when you sleep, so the production of ghrelin is lowered. However, with sleep deprivation, this hormone is elevated, which could result in weight gain and even obesity.

Do not let sleep disorders like sleep apnea and insomnia keep you from leading a life where you don’t feel your best! Good quality sleep is essential, so get in touch with a sleep specialist to help you sleep well through the night. SoCal Sleep Team can help you with any sleeping issues or disorders, so you can sleep knowing your body will feel as good as new in the morning!

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