How to Stop Snoring for Better Sleep

 How to Stop Snoring for Better Sleep

How to Control Snoring to Get Better Sleep

If you snore during sleep, then you probably have been woken up by them in the middle of the night, or been told by your partner to tone down the noise. Either way, when you snore, it doesn’t remain a secret to you. If your snoring has become bad enough to disrupt your sleep or your partner’s sleep, it is time to do something about it!

There are a few different reasons people snore, and identifying the problem is your first step to helping control the problem. Snoring can be a side effect of aging, being overweight, sinus problems, sleeping posture, or different substance consumption like cigarettes or alcohol. Once you have identified your problem, you can fix it so you can sleep easy, knowing you won’t be snoring through your slumber. 

Go from snoring to snoozing in no time with these helpful tips:

Weight Control

Being overweight automatically makes you more prone to snoring. That is because an excess of fatty tissue to build up in your throat and less toned muscles which restrict the movement in your throat. Both these problems hinder proper breathing, which can lead to snoring. Introduce regular exercise and a good diet into your lifestyle to help you bring your weight into control so you can ease your breathing while sleeping.

Change Your Posture

If you are used to sleeping on your back, that may be the cause of your snoring problems. When you sleep on your back, the tissue at the back of your throat falls back, causing a partial or complete blockage of your airways. This could be the source of your snoring. Try sleeping on your side. If you feel like you keep switching back to sleeping on your back unconsciously, you can train your body by taping a tennis ball onto your back. Anytime your body turns onto your back, the obstruction will automatically make you turn back. After a few nights of this, your body will adjust its natural sleeping position to your side.

Substance Control

Alcohol causes the muscles in your body to relax, including those in your throat, which can hinder breathing. In the same way, smoking can irritate the lining of your throat, causing it to get inflamed and narrowing your air passages, which can also hinder breathing. Stop drinking alcohol at least 3 hours before bed, and give up smoking to stop your snoring problems!

Get Professional Help

If you’re having trouble identifying the issue, or you have tried these DIY methods to no avail, there is always the option to get professional help. Getting in touch with a sleep specialist can help you get a full 8 hours of quality sleep without a worry. If you are looking for the best help in Southern California, the SoCal Sleep Team is there to guide you, so you can rest peacefully, knowing that you have stopped snoring, and get better sleep!

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